Our objectives

The objectives for which the society is established are:-

  1. To promote gender equality by way of empowering women and marginalized groups through education, skill building and exposure on different fields based on their needs.
  2. To form village level women forum for capacity building of women in governance.
  3. To campaign for Free and Compulsory Education to ensure education for all.
  4. To facilitate for conceptual clarity on women’s empowerment, Human rights, Gender, Trafficking and Violence against women and children to the community.
  5. To empower women and girls on various economic works to have better access to economic sustainability and dignity of life.
  6. To establishment vocational training centers for women and girls to develop their skills.
  7. To capacitate women and youth groups for collective actions on peace building and Non-violent conflict Transformation.
  8. Networking and linkage with women organizations and likeminded NGOs, Civil Society Organizations and Government Agencies.
  9. To promote food security, sustainable agriculture and self-sufficiency through Organic Farming, Kitchen gardening and integrated farming system.
  10. To arrange for holding of conference, discussion, demonstration, lecture and debates to impart the qualities of leadership for young generations.
  11. To encourage women and youths the art of cottage industries, small scale industries thereby opening centers for cane & bamboo works, carpentry, blacksmith, weaving, tailoring, wool-knitting and other useful handicrafts.
  12. To promote livestock farming like piggery, poultry, fishery and dairy which are under the socio-economic empowerment program self-production for self-sufficiency?
  13. To encourage the members to preserve the customary folklore and other customs and practices including its literacy and promote among the people as a rich legacy.
  14. To sensitize and capacitate the local communities on the issues of Environment, Health, Climate change, Globalization and forest management Etc.
  15. To establish infrastructure to enable the society to execute its objectives efficiently by way of:                 
    1. Raising fund through members’ subscription, Public donation, loan and advances from the Government/ Financial Institutions Etc.
    1. Seeking funds from foreign donors and local contribution.